I feel so much gratitude in my heart for everything you offer our children. You create a space of purpose, beauty and meaning for them that is no short of sacred. ❤

Azar Kozadi, parent of current student

Any family seeking a preschool for their young child to grow and learn happily and confidently need look no further than The Lilac School. Christa Valdez is a keen observer of children. She teaches respect, kindness, patience, and with a loving authority that creates a grounded setting of safety, creativity, and joyful exploration. This home setting is filled with beauty, order, rhythm, and a healthy balance of work and play that enlivens childhood.

Cristina Drews, Extra Lesson support specialist

Christa is a wonderful educator that really knows children well! She is full of kindness and compassion and knows what each individual child needs. Christa makes each day magical and full of learning. She finds endless ways for children to connect with nature and to grow that connection. Our child’s eyes lit up when Christa greeted him every morning. The care and energy she puts into her teaching transforms her classroom into a learning wonderland.

Teresa Hill, parent of former student

I was talking to my music teacher yesterday about how well teachers end up knowing students, even if they’re not together for very long. In the… 3? months you taught me, 10 years ago, I still feel like you know me better than all of my middle school teachers and most of my early high school ones. I miss Waldorf a lot.

Ellie Mcwaters-Atkins, former student

Christa is THE best of the best. She is passionate about education, Waldorf, and keeping children children- honoring the true principals of Waldorf. To watch her in action with the children is witnessing a true master. She is a gift to the world of education.

Maura Fletcher, parent of former student

Christa is a dedicated and focused educator. Her holistic lens allows her to provide a nurturing, and warm learning environment. She is gifted in supporting your child’s development, “head, heart, and hands”. We loved her innovative lesson plans and the inclusivity of her classroom culture.

Suzette Davis, parent of former student

Deeply intuitive to children’s temperaments and their developmental needs, Christa is a uniquely talented and experienced Waldorf teacher. Any child immersed in her hands to heart, attention to beauty, and the gifts of the natural world will thrive in her nurturing care.

Angelita Surage, Spanish teacher

If there is one thing that I have felt through and through with Christa, it is trust. She has an incredible calm confidence that exudes from her, and it can be felt by children and parents alike. Christa creates and holds a space of safety and peace for the children in her care, and she works diligently to protect the wonder of childhood. She is an expert at understanding, living, and teaching Waldorf, and I have no doubt that her influence has helped to shape my child in beautiful ways.

Lynn Townsend, parent of former student