Daily Rhythm

Here at The Lilac School the rhythm of the day carries us as we spend most of our time outside playing, we come in to share a healthy organic snack together, we play with all natural and open ended toys to allow for the development of the imagination and love to make things with our hands. We cherish each season with songs, crafts, and circle activities.

Although the times are listed we always adjust for weather, the needs of the child, or pure joy of being engaged in what we are doing.

8:30am   Arrival + Outdoor Play

10:05am   Restroom/Rest

10:15am    Morning Circle with Seasonal Songs and Movement

10:30am   Morning Snack

  • Monday: Rice, Cheese & Carrots
  • Tuesday: Veggie soup
  • Wednesday: Bread with butter/honey, apples & nuts
  • Thursday: Rice crackers, almond butter & raisin/pumpkin seeds
  • Friday: Granola with Yogurt & blueberries

10:50am Indoor Free Play + Activity

  • Monday: Play dough
  • Tuesday: Chopping Veggies
  • Wednesday: Baking
  • Thursday: Painting
  • Friday: Seasonal Craft

12:00pm Story

12:10pm    Restroom/Lunch

12:30pm Dismissal for Half Day children

12:45pm    Quiet Rest/Nap

2:45pm    Restroom/Afternoon Snack

3:00pm    Outdoor Play

3:30pm Dismissal for Full Day children