Our School

We believe that greatest gift we can give our children is to allow them to be supported in a safe and loving space where they are free to make their own discoveries and connections to others, the world and themselves. Waldorf education, celebrating over 100 years, is grounded in the work of Rudolf Steiner. He described this approach as “an education for the future.” The future is now!

The foundation of our work with children ages 2 ½ – 5 is the integration of imitation (through meaningful work) and imagination (play and story telling) to nurture the development of independence, responsibility, social competence and community connectedness, and well being in children. We do this by focusing on practical, hands-on activities, and creative play.

The Lilac School provides a beautiful, warm home-like environment, and uses established rhythms to promote the sense of well being children need to grow and develop.

The Lilac School operates as a Private Membership Association (PMA). Our PMA was created for the purpose of education and establishes its own operating guidelines and is not under the jurisdiction of the state, local, and federal government’s laws and regulations. Membership is voluntary and services are not open to the public, only to private members. This means that by enrolling at The Lilac School you have more say in your child’s health, education, religion, and well-being. We seek families interested in forming long-term, supportive partnerships so we all help your child thrive at The Lilac School. Our families become extended family members and together form a unique, bonded community.